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When Disaster Strikes
A round-up of our disaster preparedness and recovery stories
Mapping Tool Provides Data on Equity and Inclusion
Data and mapping tool helps users understand current demographics and the benefits of greater equity.
Keeping Opportunity Inclusive in Washington, DC
As new park plan brings investment, DC LISC aims for equitable development
Revitalization That Preserves Neighborhood Culture
Facing gentrification pressure, residents of Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo create a community-driven vision for the future
Connecting Housing, Transportation + Education to Expand Opportunity: Living, Learning + Moving Together
Summary proceedings from a recent convening to discuss the importance and impact of consciously connecting housing, education and transportation
Artists live here
By forging new connections with local artists, community developers can get more from planning and build a stronger, more lively community.
Community Safety: Planning
In Cincinnati’s Walnut Hills neighborhood, a wide variety of stakeholders provided data and information to create a plan that is making the business district a safer place.
Fighting climate change at the community level
Thanks to a program that provides a comprehensive perspective on green development, urban neighborhoods are giving a new look at saving the environment.
Life after Sandy
More than half a dozen key LISC staff on the East Coast participated in a roundtable to discuss the effects of Hurricane Sandy and what it means for their cities and communities moving forward.
Response teamwork
Five big ideas for how CDCs and other local organizations can play a key role in helping their communities recover from disaster.
Sandy, climate change and community development
There are ways for local, neighborhood-based initiatives to join in the fight against global warming. In fact, some communities have already started.
Planning for rural demographics
In Huntington, Indiana, a nonprofit is jumpstarting a conversation about how comprehensive community development can help reverse long-term population loss.
One small town’s many changes
The residents of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania are finding ways to put their small town’s plan into action.
Back from disaster
Recovery efforts work best when they’re strategic, broadly focused and targeted to the communities that need the most help.
When policy comes from the neighborhood
A change in perspective came when the City asked for public health policy recommendations from Chicago community groups.
Building on a legacy
Lessons in how to think about getting the most from America's "legacy cities" can be applied to neighborhoods as well.
Parking lots and possibilities
A new book asks us to rethink the lowly parking lot, which brings up the question, what else can be a resource in rebuilding our neighborhoods?
Make that plan official
When a community-led quality-of-life plan is formally adopted by the city, it gains power and influence.
From isolation to collaboration
Kansas City's Chouteau Courts public housing complex and surrounding Paseo Gateway neighborhood have used the Choice Neighborhood program to expand their vision for change.
Getting It Done II -- Building Strong Communities in a Changing World
More than 600 community representatives, policy makers, and researchers from across the country will meet in Chicago to discuss outstanding examples of comprehensive community development.
A broader look at central city revitalization in Milwaukee
Milwaukee’s first Community Development Symposium, aimed at taking a broader look at central city revitalization, was held Oct. 28.
Sharing a common purpose in Phoenix
A report from the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership highlights neighborhood revitalization efforts in Phoenix's Central City South.
Saying 'I do' to a Philadelphia neighborhood
On June 28, a long effort resulted in the public unveiling of a quality-of-life plan for the Eastern North neighborhood of Philadelphia. Next step: implementation.
Assessing the Fulton Hill commercial corridor
Recently, consultants from LISC walked the Fulton Hill business corridor “to learn as much as possible about what the community is seeking."
In Richmond, Va., the first steps to revive a once-vibrant business strip
Residents in the Fulton Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Va., have taken the first steps to revive the community’s once-thriving retail corridor.

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