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Lessons from Sandy
Community organizations and the connections they foster make the difference in disasters
Blog series features resident-led efforts in Flint, Michigan
The Institute’s Top Stories of 2016
A look at our most popular stories of the year
Revitalization That Preserves Neighborhood Culture
Facing gentrification pressure, residents of Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo create a community-driven vision for the future
In North Philadelphia, community organizing is path to better health
From health insurance to regular check-ups, outreach into the community helps residents get information and motivation to make a healthy choice.
Price Hill: A Cincinnati neighborhood climbs back
The commitment of Price Hill's residents is helping turn this once-blighted place into a community of diverse young families and urban professionals.
A new role for local libraries and museums
A new program is promoting how these neighborhood institutions can join—and even lead—comprehensive community development initiatives.
Community Safety: Engaging
In one Milwaukee neighborhood, the first stage in improving community safety has been taking the time to build the power of community.
Southwest Side Stories
Ghian Foreman talks about purchasing pools, fighting despair, taking over a block and more at his CDC on the Southwest Side of Chicago.
Community democracy
In Houston, a commitment to new ways of building neighborhood leadership, engagement and civic capacity.
Back from disaster
Recovery efforts work best when they’re strategic, broadly focused and targeted to the communities that need the most help.
Winning over naysayers
With some smart strategies, a community initiative in Richmond, Va. turned opponents into supporters for redevelopment. Here’s how they did it.
Removing trouble spots
Neighborhoods in Houston are using safety audits to bring in partners and resources to improve the community in all sorts of ways.
Community, relationships and the power of place
Robert Sampson's new book shows that collective efficacy at the neighborhood level is a living entity--and that means place matters.
Gettin’ down in Chicago
At Day One of “Getting It Done II,” more than 800 pros swapped ideas, including the theory and practice of one-to-one partnerships.
From isolation to collaboration
Kansas City's Chouteau Courts public housing complex and surrounding Paseo Gateway neighborhood have used the Choice Neighborhood program to expand their vision for change.
Getting It Done leads to great advice
With Getting It Done II on the horizon, we revisit the lessons and ideas from the first event, four years ago.
The DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative: Civic engagement in action
Early on a chilly Saturday morning, over 60 residents of Northeast D.C.’s Parkside-Kenilworth neighborhood gathered to help shape the focus of the DC Promise Neighborhood.
Analyzing "the things that connect them"
On Oct. 18, more than 50 researchers, community organizers and funders grappled with the many questions revolving around how social networks affect neighborhoods and people.
A community cannot develop itself unless it's organized
A community organization provides the structure and strategy for developing, implementing and evaluating change. It reduces individualism, while increasing long-term community sustainability.
Being active in your community is a cornerstone of good health
In a two-year process, a Minneapolis non-profit has developed a grassroots strategy grounded in the premise that being active in your community is a cornerstone of good health.
Working together works: The San Francisco experience
Working together works. Not only for neighborhoods, but also for neighborhood businesses. That's the central finding of a new evaluation of the Neighborhood Marketplace Initiative in San Francisco.
Not in our town
"Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness" is a new PBS documentary that tells the story of residents of a Long Island village taking action after a local immigrant was killed in a hate crime attack.
Bridge-Building on Division Street
It’s been a neighborhood long divided between have-nots and have-it-alls. Now, many are trying to bridge the old divides and create a diverse-but-unified community on Chicago's Near North Side.
Fort Wayne uses video to promote comprehensive community development effort
In Fort Wayne, Indiana, the community known as 46807 — named for its zip code — has created a video to encourage residents to get involved and share their ideas for the community's future.

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