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Thinking Out Loud

Welcome to our blog. In this space, Institute staff and our colleagues around the country share news and views on our work, our neighborhoods and the field of comprehensive community development.

It’s an opportunity to Think Out Loud – and for you to offer your comments. We welcome YOUR thoughts about our blog posts. 

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Reflections on the #LISCLeads Conference
LISC conference sparks thoughts on the past, present and future of our industry
Community Development Through a Rural Lens
In Rural America, the community may look a little different, but the goals of community development are the same.
Improving economy leaves too many behind
We need to recognize that the loss of manufacturing and construction jobs is a huge loss for low-income communties—and start working on a response that will fill those gaps.
Community development’s unseen benefit? Good health
Building better communities helps residents live longer, stronger lives. That simple fact brings a whole new perspective to our work.
Arts and culture: A superpower to help people and places prosper
From forging connections between people to supercharging a neighborhood economy, arts and culture have a unique role in supporting community development.
Creative placemaking 101 for community developers
Look to the basic elements of creative placemaking to see why it’s an idea with so much momentum.
Artists live here
By forging new connections with local artists, community developers can get more from planning and build a stronger, more lively community.
Community-led art: What it takes
To get the best from creative placemaking, we need to build community-level knowledge, leadership and support.
The people in the place
Creative placemaking works best when the community is at the heart of both the process and the product.
At the crossroads of housing and health care
Comprehensive community development—with its focus on overall quality of life—is uniquely positioned to help short-circuit the link between poverty and poor health.
How arts and culture can transform your community
Creative placemaking is a powerful, arts-based approach to community development--with great examples already underway and plenty of room for growth.
When the White House calls
At a meeting with President Obama at the White House, a small group discussed "ladders of opportunity" for low-income people to reach the middle class.
A new era
The Institute is refocusing its commitment to provide resources that allow comprehensive community initiatives to thrive.
Life after Sandy
More than half a dozen key LISC staff on the East Coast participated in a roundtable to discuss the effects of Hurricane Sandy and what it means for their cities and communities moving forward.
Changes at the Institute
Operations for the Institute move to LISC headquarters in New York.
Washington monument
A new book carefully chronicles what it took to build the community development field in Washington D.C.—and what it has meant for the city.
Local thoughts on the big picture
Community practitioners give their insight into the thoughtful essays of the new book Investing in What Works for America's Communities.
Community democracy
In Houston, a commitment to new ways of building neighborhood leadership, engagement and civic capacity.
Mixed and matched
Pairing improvements to local infrastructure with social services and other supports is making a difference in low-income communities in Eastern North Philadelphia.
More alike than different
What works in rural community development is what works in cities—especially when you plan for any differences in scale.
Planning for rural demographics
In Huntington, Indiana, a nonprofit is jumpstarting a conversation about how comprehensive community development can help reverse long-term population loss.
Public safety in numbers
In South Chicago, a local organizer explains that when violence threatens to take over a community, it takes the whole community to fight back.
Help for struggling commercial corridors
The new MetroEdge tab gives information about how this commercial corridor support program works, as well as examples of how it has made a difference around the country.
Back from disaster
Recovery efforts work best when they’re strategic, broadly focused and targeted to the communities that need the most help.

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