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Advancing Obesity Solutions through Investments in the Built Environment

The National Academies of Science Roundtable on Obesity Solutions released the proceedings of its September 2017 workshop, Advancing Obesity Solutions through Investments in the Built Environment. Among other experts, the workshop featured Shai J. Lauros, LISC National Health Program Director, as a panelist.

This brief overview of the workshop highlights key points Lauros and the other participants made during the presentations and discussions, including strategies for achieving equity in health environments between neighborhoods at different socioeconomic levels. The presenters discussed the wide range of ways the built environment affects the determinants of health, such as air quality, personal safety, transportation and access to fresh food and provided examples from cities and communities including Charlotte, Nashville and Helena, Montana.

Panelists discussed how policies and practices that affect the built environment can have a negative impact on obesity rates, as well as how forward-thinking policies and practices can provide solutions to the problem. Lauros described the work of LISC’s Healthy Futures Fund in bringing investment that connects health care with affordable housing.

You can download the proceedings or read them online for free from the National Academies Press website. See the workshop webpage for further resources from the workshop, including the videos of panel sessions and pdfs of the panelists’ presentations. The National Academies of Science plans to publish a full-length summary in summer 2018.

More information about the Roundtable on Obesity Solutions.

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