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The Health and Wealth Connection

The Asset Funders Network, a group of foundations and grantmakers working together to alleviate poverty through philanthropy, released The Health and Wealth Connection: Opportunities for Investment Across the Life Course earlier this year.

This brief summarizes the body of research showing that people with greater wealth and income live longer and are healthier throughout their lives. The authors demonstrate how the racial and ethnic disparities in the distribution of wealth echo disparities in health and wellbeing. They also examine the connection between wealth and health throughout the course of life, from before birth to old age. Just as wealth affects physical and mental well-being, the report notes that the reverse is true: being in poor health often affects an individual’s ability to hold a job and earn a living wage.

How can philanthropy help? In the second half of the brief, the authors examine some practical solutions to foster greater health and wealth equity. The brief includes suggested investment opportunities through which funders can impact health and wealth at every stage of life, such as financial education in the classroom, workplace wellness programs, and home visit programs for infants that incorporate financial coaching for parents.

Real-life case studies show how asset funders have incorporated health outcomes into their programs, and health funders have encouraged greater equity with their investments.

Read the entire report and find additional resources here.

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