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Rebuilding Healthy Communities in Rural America

A recent article in Crosswalk Magazine examines the challenges facing low-income rural communities as they attempt to revitalize. Rural areas and small towns face many of the same ills we associate with urban neighborhoods: poverty, disinvestment, job loss and the negative health impacts associated with living in poverty. While their needs may be the same, the strategies for addressing them differ for urban and rural communities. As the article notes, even extremely distressed neighborhoods in urban areas still have resources that rural areas do not, such as local government capacity, proximity to service providers and the economies of scale that natural exist in dense urban locations.

Author Carl Vogel looks at efforts to bring greater economic vitality to the communities of Drew, Mississippi and Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. By recruiting out-of-town philanthropic support, seeking out technical assistance, and leveraging their own local strengths, rural nonprofits and residents are finding ways to re-envision what their communities can be and access the resources to bring those visions to life.

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Posted in Commercial and Economic Development, Health & Wellness, Rural Community Development

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