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LISC and Partners Create New Green and Healthy Housing Tool

 LISC NYC has long been committed to improving the health and sustainability of homes in New York. Through the Two Shades of Green program, LISC has worked with community development organizations in New York to rehabilitate housing developments to preserve affordable housing while making improvements that will make the buildings healthier for residents and more energy efficient for owners.

Now LISC NYC has partnered with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development, the NYC Housing Development Corporation, Enterprise Community Partners, and Energy Efficiency for All to create and launch the Integrated Physical Needs Assessment (IPNA) tool. This innovative tool will help city and state agencies assess the conditions and the potential of publicly funded housing rehab projects.

The IPNA tool will guide owners through a complete assessment of their buildings’ physical condition and energy needs. It combines assessments of energy, health and water needs into a holistic picture of the property’s condition and helps identify interventions that can be undertaken to address the whole health of the building. The tool will be accepted by multiple agencies across New York City, replacing the individual assessments required by each agency and streamlining the process for gaining project approval and accessing funding.

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