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The Institute’s Top Stories of 2016

This year, the Institute for Comprehensive Community Development brought you news, resources and practical information on topics that covered nearly all aspects of comprehensive development, from engagement and planning to implementing housing, health and economic development programs.

Some of these stories really seemed to resonate with our audience. Here are the 10 most-read stories we published in 2016.

  1. Going Back to the Engagement Drawing Board An interview with Jim Capraro about what to do when community engagement is not as easy as it sounds
  2. Building Crime Reduction Programs That Stand the Test of Time A gathering of Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation program partners turns the spotlight on sustainability
  3. Nonprofit Capacity Building on a Shoestring Massachusetts Association of CDCs President Joe Kriesberg tells us how a cup of coffee can build your capacity
  4. Underwriting Pay-For-Success Investments Archived Webinar Recorded webinar featuring an in-depth presentation on how to underwrite Pay-For-Success projects
  5. Training Series Demystifies Affordable Housing Preservation LISC and Capital One teamed up to help affordable housing organizations navigate the anything-but-simple recapitalization process
  6. Post-Election Outlook How will affordable housing and community development fare under the new administration?
  7. Fostering Small Business Success We took a look at four ways to support small businesses in your community
  8. Reflections on the #LISCLeads Conference One LISC Leadership conference attendee shares his thoughts on the past, present and future of our industry
  9. LISC Talks A series of talks given by community development leaders and visionaries at LISC’s National Leadership Conference in November 2016
  10. Healthy Habits Begin Early How some child care centers are looking after kids and their health from an early age

In addition to the new stories published in 2016, some of our older stories still continue to attract a wide audience. Here are the top posts from yesteryear that kept our readers coming back.

  1. Creative Placemaking 101 for Community Developers (2014)
  2. A Natural Connection: The Role of Public Safety in Community Development (2011)
  3. Six Quality of Life Plans for Indianapolis Neighborhoods (2009)
  4. Murals: Making a Statement, Building Community (2011)
  5. How Arts and Culture Can Transform Your Community (2014)
  6. Community Development That Fights Crime (2012)
  7. Defining Community Capacity: A Framework and Implications from a Comprehensive Community Initiative (2012)
  8. Sample Quality of Life Plans (2014)
  9. An Organizing Basic: Keep Self-Interest in Mind (2010)
  10. Temporary Public Art Installations to Animate Vacant Spaces in Phoenix, Arizona (2014)

Thank you for your readership and support of the Institute for Comprehensive Community Development in 2016. We look forward to bringing you more news and information about all aspects of comprehensive community development in 2017. Let us know on Facebook or on Twitter @InstituteCCD what topics you want to hear about next.

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