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Explore the 2016 LISC Talks

In November 2016, LISC its National Leadership Conference, “Building on Local Ideas: What’s Next for America’s Communities,” which brought together community development and anti-poverty leaders from across the country to share their experiences and identify scalable best practices. The highlight of the conference was a series of "LISC Talks" from experts and innovators in the community development field.

Maurice Jones, new President and CEO of LISC, laid out his “audacious” new agenda for LISC in a speech that highlighted the importance of focusing on living wage jobs in both urban and rural communities.

Sherece West-Scantlebury, President and CEO of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, discussed why education is not always an economic equalizer and how the “two-generation” approach to education can offer a way out of chronic poverty. Read her related blog post, A Grassroots Solution to Rural Poverty that Traveled All the Way to the White House.

Family Income & Wealth Building
Juan Salgado, President and CEO of Instituto del Progreso Latino in Chicago, explored the proven tools that help people get to financial stability, build assets and weather setbacks. Read his related blog post, The Path to Financial Stability.

Economic Development
Joe Bowling, Co-Director of Englewood Community Development Corporation in Indianapolis, examined how economically disinvested and disconnected communities can reclaim a meaningful role in the regional marketplace. Read his related blog post, Reconnecting to the Economy: A More Hopeful Present and Future.

Sharon Lee, from Low Income Housing Institute in Seattle, considered how lack of quality, affordable housing exacerbates poverty and erodes household stability and neighborhoods. She also discussed practical solutions, grounded in resident activism, for our nation’s housing crisis. Read her related blog post, Grassroots Fixes for a Crisis of National Proportions.

Every year, the US spends $4 trillion on healthcare, but chronic illness in low income neighborhoods is on the rise. Ana Novais, from the Rhode Island Department of Health, explores linkages between poverty and poor health, and describes some unprecedented solutions for improving health in impoverished places. Read her related blog post, Answering the Wake-Up Call on Public Health Equity.

Crime and Safety
Ben McBride, from Oakland's Empower Initative, examines strategies for building trust and connection between law enforcement and low-income communities of color as an imperative part of upending crime and justice system biases. Read his related blog post, A Call to Step into One Another's Shoes.

View all the LISC Talks here.

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