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Building Healthier Communities, One Data Point At a Time

Communities for Healthy Food NYC

Community developers increasingly understand that people living in neighborhoods with decent housing, safe streets and easy access to fresh food are more likely to be in good health. But it can be hard to answer the cause-and-effect question when it comes to linking that good health to the work of community development.

Improved health outcomes don’t happen overnight. Reduced rates of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure can take years to manifest and it isn’t easy to show a direct connection between those benefits and the community improvement efforts that preceded them.

Nevertheless, the more we know about how these health improvements come about, the more we can tailor our efforts to encourage them. A new Huffington Post: Healthy Living blog post by New York Times columnist Alina Tugend discusses how experts from research, public health, philanthropy and community development, including LISC, are increasingly using data to drive their work to improve health outcomes.

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