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A new era

Ginny Tranchik

The Institute for Comprehensive Community Development was launched by LISC in 2010 to provide guidance, ideas and leadership around the notion of a comprehensive approach to neighborhood revitalization.

With LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities (BSC) program expanding to urban and rural communities across the country, we knew that an institution dedicated to the work of building and managing comprehensive initiatives would be a timely and useful resource.

This year, LISC has refocused the Institute, with an increased commitment to serving the LISC network and our partnering organizations. The Institute will provide a platform where you can connect with and learn from your peers who are working in similar communities with the same vision and challenges that you have.

We’ll continue to provide trainings and webinars on getting the work done, with a special emphasis on the BSC model. We’ll post stories about successful comprehensive projects and programs on the Institute website, with more resources and tools you can use in your work.  

We look forward to hearing from you about what works in comprehensive community development.

And we look forward to hearing from YOU about what works in comprehensive community development. Perhaps you can share a tool that can be added to the “Getting it Done” section of the website. Or maybe you would like to write a story highlighting a cool, new initiative that others can learn from.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead the Institute as its new director. As a believer in the power of information and ideas in community development, I think the Institute can be a wonderful resource as you work on everything from implementing a community quality-of-life plan to working with local artists on public art to supporting small businesses on your main commercial corridor.

Community-based organizations are transforming neighborhoods into new communities that offer hope, opportunity and a better quality of life.  Let us know how we can best continue in our role as a resource and a partner in this important work.

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