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Help for struggling commercial corridors

Are you struggling to fix up your local commercial corridor? Is your “Main Street” a drag on neighborhood development efforts? Do your residents need basic goods and services and community jobs?

If so, check out the new Commercial Corridors tab here on the Institute for Comprehensive Community Development website.

LISC MetroEdge is the national commercial corridor program at LISC. It combines innovative market research, quantitative analysis and grassroots community engagement to help communities develop and implement strategies to revive their corridors and improve their economic futures.

A broad range of case studies from Richmond, Virginia, Rhode Island, Phoenix, Duluth, New York, and many more can be accessed at the MetroEdge site.

In Richmond's Fulton community this year, for instance, residents used MetroEdge data and strategies to engage 325 volunteers to clean and fix up their commercial corridor, painting 16 murals, planting flowers and preparing vacant storefronts for new businesses.

Leaders in the West End community in Providence, Rhode Island learned from a MetroEdge study that, despite some people's perceptions, their community has plenty of buying power to support new businesses—more than $140 million per square mile.

And, on the Hatcher Road corridor in Phoenix, MetroEdge staff and consultants are working with Phoenix LISC officials to improve the commercial corridor with streetscape improvements, better lighting, wider sidewalks and attractive landscaping.

How is it working? Check out these stories (and news of other projects and products) on the MetroEdge page of the Institute website.

Don't re-invent the wheel—learn from others who are transforming their commercial corridors.

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