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Zilber Initiative Expands Milwaukee Revitalization

Real estate tycoon and philantropist Joseph Zilber grew up in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee behind the grocery store his parents operated at North 10th Street and West Meinecke Avenue.

That's part of the reason, Georgia Pabst reports in the Milwaukee Journal, why it was one of two neighborhoods to receive grants two years ago through the $50 million Zilber Neighborhood Initiative.  The other was Clarke Square.

Last October, Susan Lloyd, the Zilber Family Foundation executive director, announced that the initiative was expanding into three communities that are part of the Layton Boulevard West Neighbors area --- Silver City, Burnham Park and Layton Park

Pabst noted that Clarke Square is contiguous to the Layton Boulevard West area, and she quoted Lloyd as saying, "Clarke Square is densely residential and by increasing the south side footprint to a total of 170 square blocks there will be increased opportunities to support and expand a variety of activities, including school improvement, commercial development and investment."

Before joining the Zilber foundation, Lloyd had worked for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in Chicago which helped pay for a similar initiative by LISC/Chicago, called the New Communites Project, now operating in 16 neighborhoods.

Zilber died in March, 2010, at the age of 92.

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