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Health & Wellness Spotlight

This page collects the articles, resources and tools that appeared in our Health Spotlight and features innovative projects and initiatives related to community health and wellbeing.


Building Healthier Communities, One Data Point At a Time Community developers are improving their use of health data to hone their attempts to build healthier neighborhoods.

Cooking From A New Menu In the Cypress Hills neighborhood in Brooklyn, helping residents eat more healthy, fresh foods is another part of community development. 

Organizing a Path to Better Health From health insurance to regular check-ups, outreach into the community helps residents in North Philadelphia get information and motivation to make a healthy choice. 

The Mighty Elm Playlot How an ambitious park renovation turned a place to play into a job creator, a public safety program, a healthy food center and much more.

A New View of Health Community Health Advocates bring resources and build relationships that improve the health and wellness of residents.

Community development’s unseen benefit? Good health Building better communities helps residents live longer, stronger lives. That simple fact brings a whole new perspective to our work. 

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Using Health Impact Assessments to Preserve Affordable Housing & Increase Community Well-Being: A Case Study A public health professional, a housing authority director, and a funder discuss how a Health Impact Assessment helped a public housing rehab project become an inclusive process that engages a neighborhood and charts a sustainable future for the residents.

How to Do It Resources

The National Farm to School Network An advocacy and networking hub for communities working to bring local food sourcing and food and agriculture education into school systems and preschools.

The Build Healthy Places Network Promoting collaboration across the community development and health sectors by sharing research, tools and resources, and by connecting industry leaders.

"Supporting Childhood Wellness through Healthy, Affordable Housing" Paseo Verde, a mixed-income development in Philadelphia, supports children’s health through green design, an on-site health center and pharmacy, and social service programs.

Community Development = Healthy Neighborhoods On Sept 30, an online panel convened by the Institute discussed the link between where people live and health, and how community developers can have an impact, from active living to affordable housing.

For more, visit the Health & Wellness section of How To Do It

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