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Arts & Culture Spotlight

This page hosts all the resources and materials from our Spotlight on how arts and culture can promote community development.

"How To Do It" Resources

Webinar on Museum / Library Community Engagement A webinar that explores the relatively new idea of musuems and libraries becoming a main player in local community development efforts, including case studies in Pittsburgh and Hartford.
Revitalizing Station North with Art and Design: Baltimore, MD Exploring Our Town Profile: How can a distressed urban area capitalize on its creative artists, organization and institutions to create a vibrant destination for residents and visitors alike?
ArtsWave supports Place Matters From cooking programs to Shakepearean plays, five communities in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are using arts activities for neighborhood revitalization.
Creative Placemaking: Thinking Out Loud A series of blog posts from LISC's Erik Takeshita and others that explore what creative placemaking offers to community development and how to get the most from this approach to arts and culture in…
Irrigate: Year One A video and the website for an artist-led creative placemaking initiative in St. Paul that has done more than 100 different local installations across a dozen neighborhoods.
Art Works Blog The blog of the federal National Endowment for the Arts, Art Works aims to "enrich public understanding of what art is and how art works in our communities."
Artscape DIY An online resource that goes deep and wide in providing hands-on resources, ideas, templates, videos, advice and more for creative placemaking.
Animating Democracy The Arts & Social Change Mapping Initiative maps and highlights the spectrum of ways the arts are being activated to engage people and make change.
Arts and Democracy Project The Arts and Democracy Project works to link arts and culture, participatory democracy, and social justice through cultural organizing and cross-sector collaborations.
Artspace The nation's largest developer of artist live-work space, Artspace has been involved with nearly 2,000 live-work units across the country.
The Center for the Study of Arts and Community A resource for community groups and their allies, specializing in the development and assessment of arts-based community partnerships and in training for artists and their community partners.
"The Promise of Arts-based Community Development" A three-page introduction to the impact of art projects and neighborhood beautification efforts in low-income and minority communities.

"In The News" Articles

Arts and culture: A superpower to help people and places prosper From forging connections between people to supercharging a neighborhood economy, arts and culture have a unique role in supporting community development.
Neighborhoods beckon with summer activities An array of community programs in Chicago make summer more fun--and make their neighborhood a better place to be.
A new role for local libraries and museums A new program is promoting how these neighborhood institutions can join—and even lead—comprehensive community development initiatives.
Creative placemaking 101 for community developers Look to the basic elements of creative placemaking to see why it’s an idea with so much momentum.
Artists live here By forging new connections with local artists, community developers can get more from planning and build a stronger, more lively community.
Community-led art: What it takes To get the best from creative placemaking, we need to build community-level knowledge, leadership and support.
The people in the place Creative placemaking works best when the community is at the heart of both the process and the product.
Creative Placemaking: A Tour A photo essay of programs, projects and people who are changing communities across the country with arts and culture.
How arts and culture can transform your community Creative placemaking is a powerful, arts-based approach to community development--with great examples already underway and plenty of room for growth.
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